A lens for every need

Mundaring Spectacle Maker offers a variety of lenses to meet your eyeglass needs.

  • Single Vision
  • Bifocal Trifocal
  • Progressive or Multifocal
  • Computer or extended wear

We can also help you with specific spectacles to meet your needs and hobbies such as shooting spectacles, dive masks, swimming goggles, polarised fishing sunglasses, certified saftey glasses, music glasses, sports glasses and children specific glasses, just to name a few.


Crizal Forte UV The Complete Protection For Your Eyes
Crizal Forte UV is the first clear lens on the market to maximise your eyes protection against dangerous UVaggressions from the front and back surface of the lens, while ensuring the best enduring clarity of vision.

Crizal Forte UV protects your vision against UV light and the 5 enemies of clear vision.


Crizal Forte UV Optifog, the best and most durable protection against lens fogging.



Enhanced High Resolution Vision™ with flexible wearing parameters

The Varilux Physio was the first progressive lens ever to incorporate two innovative technologies. W.A.V.E Technology as used in Laser Surgery and Advanced Astronomy, and Double-sided Aberration Control, a calculation software patented by Essilor to optimise visual performance. With Advanced Digital Surfacing technology, our research Teams have been able to progress much more rapidly than in the past. Using W.A.V.E. 2.0 has allowed for greater control of the complex lens surface to be enable Essilor to meet the needs of the wearer better than ever before.



Nikon Seewide The premier progressive lens with Nikon Aberration Filter®
Nikon Seewide belongs to the latest generation of progressive lenses. Thanks to its unique Aberration
Filter, a feature inherited from Nikon advanced camera technology, it delivers picture perfect vision at all distances.

Absolute precision, wide-angle vision.
Some Nikon cameras involve up to 24 lenses! Each lens is designed to correct inherent optical aberrations created by this system. The objective -to produce an ultra-precise image.

Nikon Seewide progressive lenses use similar technology. Their Aberration Filter is designed, point by point, to eliminate unwanted optical aberrations common in standard progressive lenses.


Transitions Adaptive Lenses
  • Changes from clear indoors to dark outdoors.
  • Clear as an ordinary clear lens indoors and at night.
  • Block 100% of sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays.
  • Available in gray or brown.
  • Now available in polarised.


Drivewear Lenses


Xperio Lenses